Get to Know Dame

I'm Maddie Herbert, the illustrator and graphic designer behind Dame.

With a big personality and a lack of filter, my work aims to empower women and women-focused communities to be their truest, baddest, boldest selves.
I work and play in Columbus, Ohio, but my colorful clients are all over the U.S. and include podcasters, bloggers, witches, beauty industry professionals and more!
When I'm not working, you can find me snacking, roller skating, planning my next halloween costume or hunting down the best dirty martini in town.

If you think I'd be the perfect fit for your next project, email me directly at or contact me here.


The Story Behind "Dame" 

Inspired by an entrepreneurial spirit in the name of having a good ass time.

As a housewife in the 1960's and no money to treat herself, my Grandma decided to start a side hustle. She and her friends created art and made baked goods to sell so they could throw themselves a dance. Her group met often to hang out and create, and after some time you better believe they had saved up enough cash to throw their party! Her group of creative friends called themselves, "The Dames."