Tattoo Art License: Rainy Day

Tattoo Art License: Rainy Day

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So you want some Dame ink?! I am so insanely honored that you want my art on your body... forever!

Tattoo Policy:

By purchasing this tattoo art license, you are agreeing to the contract you will receive that prohibits the use of my work as anything except your own personal body art.

Upon purchase, you will be presented with and emailed a downloadable file containing the following:

1. Legal contract stating the terms of our agreement and my permission to tattoo the piece

2. Two (2) watermarked versions of the piece, one in the original full color and a black line art version.

Feel free to change the colors if you choose, but do not otherwise manipulate my art in any other way.

Please print and take these documents with you to your tattoo appointment! Reputable tattoo artists will not tattoo other artists work without written permission. This will also prohibit non-reputable artists from adding my work to their portfolio in attempts to pass it off as their own.

Don't forget to show me your Dame ink! Tag on IG and/or Tik Tok when you post an image or video of your finished piece 

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